T14也就是 Top 14

US News开始排名法学院的排名后, 美国法学院前14名从来不曾变动过

有时后, 14间的相互排名或许会有些微调整, 但这14间永远就是排名在最前面.

通常, 从这14间毕业的法学院学生, 都能有最佳的机会在美国得到全国性的高薪工作.


1. Yale Law School

Yale Law in New Haven, CT has been ranked the best law school in the country since U.S. News and World Report began its rankings.

2. Harvard Law School

Harvard Law in Cambridge, MA is consistently one of the most selective law schools in the country.

3. Stanford Law School

Stanford Law in Palo Alto, CA offers an excellent legal education on the West Coast.

4. Columbia Law School

Columbia Law, through its location in the heart of New York City, offers lots of job and internship opportunities for students.

5. Chicago Law School

Chicago Law along Lake Michigan is perhaps best known for its focus on theoretical law and its intellectual atmosphere.

6. NYU Law School

Like Columbia Law, NYU Law offers an excellent education in what many consider the legal capital of the world.

7. Berkeley Law School

Boalt Hall at Berkeley Law in the gorgeous San Francisco Bay area is one of the most selective law schools in the country.

8. Penn Law School

Penn Law in the heart of Philadelphia, between two other major cities, New York City and Washington D.C., offers an excellent location for employment opportunities.

9. Michigan Law School

Michigan Law in Ann Arbor is one of the oldest and finest law schools in the country.

10. UVA Law School

UVA Law in Charlottesville, VA offers students one of the lowest costs of living among the major law schools.

11. Duke Law School

Duke Law in Durham, NC offers one of the most beautiful campuses in the country along with a great legal education.

12. Northwestern Law School

Northwestern Law in Chicago is unique among the top law schools in that it attempts to interview each applicant.

13. Cornell Law School

Cornell Law in upstate New York is well-known for its international law programs.

14. Georgetown Law School

Georgetown Law in Washington D.C. offers students a great location for jumping into politics, among other endeavors.

学律教育顾问中心的团队包括了美国执业律师 (JD),英国执业律师,外籍英语文学教授/Ph.D, 外籍语文学专家,已经成功协助上百位申请者取得许多美国/欧洲 顶尖学校 (包括Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, LSE etc.)的青睐!

每一位的申请者都由学律顾问群与申请者做一对一的深度讨论,透过不断讨论,扣紧所有相关的文件与学经历 共同 创造出 最佳的申请文件 (Application Package),取得最理想的学校的青睐!